Some highlights from 2014

I absolutely am so grateful for a fabulous year of amazing brides and growth. We are starting 2015 in a new location, product line, and an android app!
Here is a look at some amazing moments and looking forward to many more next year.







































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We now have an android app! Stay up on all the new events and happenings, coupons, also you can communicate with all at your fingertips


Faccia Bella makeup line

So exciting to have a long time dream of mine come in to frouishion. You can order direct and if there is a certain product you are looking for we can special order.



Favorite beauty products

We now sell some of our favorite beauty products on the market. We have tested and proven the results ourselves!
Check out these must have products to amp up your look and keep it looking good all day!




You can purchase and see the full description at

Look beautiful on your wedding day

Faccia Bella had to opportunity to be a part of Good Day Green Country Wedding Show. Click the link below to view our interview and read the article.

Look beautiful on your wedding day.

We now offer Spray Tanning

We have added Spray Tanning to our services. With the skin cancer rate sky rocketing women are more and more aware of the consequences from tanning with UVA rays. Spray tanning is such an awesome option that is safe, quick, and almost instant gratification.

The formula we use has no smell, no streaking, no orange tone. It is made to work with your own specific DHA level and you will have a perfect tan for your skin tone everytime! The tan last from 7-10 days and fades evenly.

We also offer this service in the comfort of your own home, or you can come into the Studio. We can accomodate your whole wedding party, or if you want to keep up the color on a regular basis.

Check out the website at  to see our price options, and call or email today to make an appointment!

2011 Wedding Season is officially underway

If you were to ask me as a makeup artist what is your most common request, I would have to say aside from I don’t want to look like clown, or I just don’t want blue eye shadow, and I do not want red lipstick. Oh and one more, I don’t want to look like you can peel my foundation off! (I really hear this stuff!) The top thing my brides want is to just look natural.

This is always my response, makeup is suppose to be used as a tool to enhance your natural beauty, not cover you up! When I look at you I want to see how beautiful you are, not how much makeup you have on. This pretty much instantly puts them at ease and I gain their trust. Unfortunately too many of us have had bad experiences and this has poisoned our mindset. I am hear to say, when it’s applied correctly it will bring out your best features, and distract the ones you don’t want to focus on.

For those of you reading this and wondering what the current makeup trends are, I do keep track of the current makeup trends, and I do see bridal makeup trends as well.

I think the most popular trend I am seeing to kick off this wedding season is an updated vintage look. Think Marilyn Monroe, but softer. The heavy liquid liner has been substituted with a smudged liner, and If you are one who doesn’t like red, I am seeing a lots of corals and fun spring pinks instead. Also purple eye shadows are really big right now. This trend is most flattering on girls with green or brown eyes. And the airbrush makeup trend that started last year, is back and even more popular this year.  It’s an amazing product, it goes on as a mist, by letting each layer dry in between you start to build a very natural, flawless look. It’s oil free, paraben free, and will last for a minimum of 24 hours, that is if you don’t wash your face. Which I don’t recommend.

So to sum it up, makeup is a great tool to work with you to enhance your natural features, and tones. Strike a balance with enough for pictures, while still looking natural. And most important blue eye shadow hasn’t been a trend since the 70’s and 80’s so we should all be able to breath a sigh of relief!

Wrapping it up— year in review

I can’t believe it’s almost 2011! This year has flown by. Faccia Bella has had many highs this year. I have had the priveledge to meet and work with over 60 brides and have my work published in Cosmo August issue and to round it all out I worked on the film set of The Lamp Movie ( Being able to work with so many great actors and crew from L.A. I am so proud of what was accomplished this year and look forward to the great things in 2011, one of the highlights starting in January is the Mrs Oklahoma Pageant. Many more things to come that I will have to keep you posted on. Thank you to all who believe in me and support me with encouragement and referrals. I look forward to meeting many more brides and clients in the new year, it will be even better!

Hello Airbrush Makeup

We offer the newest trend on the market! Airbrush makeup. Airbrush makeup and tanning are the hottest new trends in Hollywood! Makeup Artists from top Hollywood Stars and TV shows are using this technology and their clients are loving it. It’s PERFECT for Weddings and special events. The models, actresses, and fashion forward industry are all raving about it! It last for up to 50 hours NO JOKE! If you don’t wash it off, it will last that long. Also it won’t bleed onto clothing. Pretty amazing. Coming in the near future we will be offering spray tanning too!